Phantom Granny

About Phantom Granny

Phantom Granny is a crafter in southwestern Minnesota.  She’s the mother of two grown children and has no grandchildren of her own yet, but loves creating things for your little ones!

Please note: Phantom Granny’s inventory changes faster than the webmaster (aka her daughter) can update the site, so if you’re wondering about colors or availability, please email

Check back as we add more Phantom Granny goods!


3 Responses to "About Phantom Granny"

Very nice, Tish. Your marketing executive does a wonderful, job
Nice seeing you at Corn Capital Days!

Take care,

Linda Haen

Thanks, Linda. Best part of Corn Capital Days: catching up with you while Paul went to get me some Cold Stone!
Keep cool ~

Tish, Your creations are adorable! I’m looking forward to a purchase for my grandbabies and will message you!

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Bibs from Phantom Granny

Bibs of all colors!

Striped toddler robe

Cute toddler robes

Pink tutu

Tutus for toddlers

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